Engine validation testing & Innovation Lab | Dumarey Engineering

Testing and Labs

State-of-the-art laboratories and operations with extensive testing capabilities

Labs and Facility Operations are operative 24 hours a day, running tests on 3 shifts with a very high level of test automation and efficiency, driven mainly by a high interaction between operators and engineers, always working as a team to perform tests and measurements.

First test benches have been switched on in 2009.

We have been providing continuous investment over the years to ensure the facility is maintained to the highest standards.

Latest inaugurated areas were in 2016 for the additional four test benches and in 2018 when we established the pre-production operation area and the Metrology Lab.

Test Cells

Dumarey laboratories support customers with the latest technologies for test tools and product development. The high efficiency in terms of integration between the plant and the laboratories are designed for testing activities oriented to Engine Calibration Development, Validation, Hardware Development, Noise and Vibration, Combustion R&D and ECU Development.

Our facility includes a total of 19 Firing High Dynamic Test Cells with climatic, barometric and NVH capability.
The range of capability covers multiple applications and is structured as follows:

  • Up to 2800 Nm, 499kW
  • Emission raw measurement
  • Media conditioning
  • 2 Test cells with Environment conditioning (-30; +40°C)
  • 1 Test Cell with Altitude simulation up to 1750 MASL
  • 1 Test cell Hemi anechoic for Noise and vibration activities

The automation installed on test laboratories is fully customizable to perform testing procedure designed on customer requests and “Design of Experiment” able to satisfy the steady state and dynamic behaviour demand.

Roller Bench

Dumarey chassis dyno drives main activities in the field of Engine Calibration Development, ECU Development, Benchmarking and emission correlation.

The actual capability is designed to guarantee:

  • 2WD Roller
  • Drivers aid monitor
  • Vehicle cooling fan
  • 3 independent MODAL RAW lines for engine calibration
  • Soaking area for vehicle reconditioning
  • Complete CVS System for Diesel development (it includes four bags combined with Venturi Technology up to DILUTE bench for BAGS analysis with CO2 tracer for vehicle exhaust flow measurements)

The priority of the current installation is to drive customer-oriented test activities, with the capability to perform:

  • Coastdown procedure (selectable)
  • Durability cycle
  • Power Test
  • Road load simulation
  • Free drive with simulated gradient
  • Full-load runs at fixed velocity
  • Automatic cycles of acceleration/deceleration time-based ramps

Metrology Lab ​

Dumarey laboratories deliver high quality standards on propulsion systems development. This mission passes through a dedicated Metrology Lab, in a controlled environment (humidity and temperature) with several instruments at our disposal to measure and check quality control on mechanical parts.​

The high accuracy is guaranteed by two Zeiss CMMs (coordinate-measuring machines), a round scan and a 3D scanner. The 3D scanner is applied to set the basis of reverse engineering. A new capability recently introduced is our 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing Lab, equipped with three FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machines supporting rapid prototyping needs.​

Component Testing Area​

Dumarey, leader in engine development, in addition to the high capability on propulsion systems testing is also structured to guarantee a wide set of component testing laboratories. The mission of the component testing area is to support the propulsion systems development with data analysis and benchmarking studies, focused on the key point parts and to define the best engineering solutions.

These laboratories support the engineering teams with an air flow bench for components such as ducts, valves and turbos characterizations, hydraulic benches for fuel pumps and injectors and chemical analysis bench for oil and materials.