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We Engineer, Integrate and Sell ‘Energy Storage and Propulsion Systems’ based on Hydrogen Technologies and Proprietary Control Systems, Algorithms and Software, with the strengths and experience of an OEM and the agility of an innovative start-up.


Based in the city of Turin, PUNCH Hydrocells aims to develop, supply and integrate propulsion and energy storage systems for hydrogen usage. The company believes in a zero-emission future where energy will be produced from renewable sources and will have hydrogen as one of its main vectors. The PUNCH Hydrocells portfolio is composed of three main pillars:

  • H2-ICE (hydrogen internal combustion engines)
  • FC (Integration and control of fuel cells)
  • PSD (Integration and control of hydrogen energy storage systems)

Including in-house development of electronics and software.

Our strategy is to diversity the technologies offered, starting from H2-ICE dual fuel retroftit kits, moving to H2-ICE and finally on fuel cells. The goal is to create an entry level solution that with a limited investment enables and fuels the transition towards H2 technologies and towards higher decarbonization.

Through targeted partnerships, PUNCH Group intends to join forces to promote the diffusion of carbon neutral products and technologies. A recent example is the creation of the H2-ICE alliance, aimed at promoting the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines in the public transportation sector.

Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution

PUNCH Hydrocells recognize the industry gained momentum around hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution (PSD).

The proprietary A.I. driven software called Energy Gateway Broker (EGB) is going to be deployed to manage a micro Hydrogen Valley in Turin to produce Green Hydrogen at competitive cost and to provide Green Hydrogen to PUNCH Hydrocells test benches and vehicles’ fleet.

EGB will provide important benefits for very complex environment such as Seaports.

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Hydrogen Engine for Marine Application

The environmental sustainability cause is the reason why PUNCH Hydrocells has started the development of internal combustion hydrogen engines.

Hydrogen fuelled engines have a zero-carbon dioxide emission footprint, thus openly challenging traditional engines and by-passing the severe limitations of battery-powered propulsion, that are not easily adapted for a marine usage.

The first engine to be redesigned as a hydrogen engine is the DURAMAX V8, produced by General Motors and currently distributed by PUNCH Torino, which will be exhibited at our booth at the Genoa Boat Show 2021.

The engine will be fitted in the Heritage 9.9 hull built by Castagnola Yacht, a company specialized in the design and construction of classic planing boats. Castagnola has been able to unite innovative and traditional concepts in its production, giving life to exclusive custom-made wooden boats.