The pilot test by DREEM aims at testing a new electric scooter to make city travel safer and more flexible.

Turin tests a new kickscooter, safer and more flexible

During the experimentation, which will last until June 2022, PUNCH and 5T employees will use the electric scooter and the inflatable helmet developed within the project, in order to evaluate their satisfaction, performance and related services.

The DREEM electric scooter is based on the current LYNX by TO.TEM and has been designed to make moving around the city safer: the stability of the vehicle is guaranteed by three large wheels and a wide platform. It is also equipped with rear direction indicators for correct visibility by other road users and an Alert Collision system thanks to a control camera. Even the inflatable helmet, as part of the project, is up to three times more protective than a traditional helmet. Finally, the vehicle is easy for users to drive: it is foldable and can be carried like a trolley thanks to a convenient handle, while the helmet can be easily deflated, reducing it to a pocket size.

The 50 testers, selected on a voluntary basis, will have at their disposal the new means of transport for home-work and personal travel for a period of 7 days each: each tester will be asked to compile a daily diary on the experiences of use and to participate in a final focus group to collect further feedback.

Thanks to the results that will be collected during the experimentation, the DREEM project will be able to provide important indications for the development of a new urban micro-mobility, more attentive to personal safety and more integrated with the transport system of a city: one of the objectives of the project is to analyze and define new business models to offer a personalized service on the needs of users, and multimodal in synergy with other mobility services present.

Turin is not the only city to participate in the DREEM experimentation: the cities of Gothenburg and Brussels are also involved in the project.

Massimiliano Melis, Chief Technology Officer TO.TEM/AITEM says: “Safety and sustainability are two pillars of our company and the implementation of circular economy logic, in the development of micro-mobility products, is an integral part of our DNA. The application of artificial intelligence to make these same products increasingly safe completes the picture. DREEM gives us the great opportunity to test our product on the road and we can only be proud of this.”

For Enzo Amich, President of 5T: “After the pandemic experience, in cities micro-mobility has grown and is becoming one of the main elements of urban transport systems. Being a partner in the DREEM project gives us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills on this issue to provide our Members with the appropriate support for a greater integration of Turin’s wide mobility offer.”