PUNCH Group presents its vision on mobility, ecological transition and investment attraction during PUNCH Technology Day 2021

PUNCH Technology Day 2021

Turin, 30 September 2021. Ecological transition and decarbonization as development levers in the coming years together with a Strategic Plan for Mobility, which minimizes the economic and social impacts on the supply chain. And more: sustainable mobility, artificial intelligence, conversion of thermal engines, powered by fossil fuels, into hydrogen engines. These are the key elements of the first “PUNCH Technology Day”, organized by the PUNCH Group on September 30th.

The Belgian company, which acquired the General Motors engineering center located in Turin, in the polytechnic citadel in February 2020, once again reconfirms its commitment to a zero-emission future.

PUNCH Torino was not chosen by chance by the group for this important event. The Turin site, in fact, has recently taken on global responsibility for Research and Development activities, proving the desire of the founder to invest in Italy, trusting in the support of local institutions and stakeholders. A few days after the Italian Tech Week, Turin is therefore the capital of technology again, attracting an exceptional audience made up of governmental, national and local institutions, press and investors.

During the event, Guido Dumarey, president and founder of the PUNCH Group, and Pierpaolo Antonioli, Chief Technology Officer and CEO of PUNCH Torino, presented the group’s vision on energy transition, decarbonization and mobility, underlining how the group’s strategy aims to meet the modern needs of collective, individual and commercial mobility thanks to solutions with zero environmental impact.

Pierpaolo Antonioli comments: “We are preparing for the ecological transition by developing new technologies and alternative mobility solutions. The use of hydrogen in industry and transport will open up opportunities for economic and social growth, safeguarding the environment. Furthermore, sustainability will necessarily have to combine energy transition and decarbonization with territorial competitiveness, economic growth and job maintenance.”

Antonioli concludes: “Creating an innovation and product ecosystem is an essential task that institutions must undertake to help the business world keep pace in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.”

Highlights of the show:

– Hydrogen Concept Vehicle transforming a conventional engine into a hydrogen-powered one

– H2 Single Cylinder engine with fuel type capability of 100% Hydrogen & Dual Fuel (Hydrogen – Diesel)

– H2 V8 6.6L Marine with Castagnola Heritage 9.9, exclusive yacht combined with zero CO2 emission technology

– Controls: Smart electronic solutions to shape the future

– Lynx: Italian Next generation electric kick scooter with three wheels stability, winner of numerous awards

– PUNCH Powerglide Transmissions: 6L50 6 Speed Automatic Transmission & E-Drive Reducer + Housing Optimized Efficiency And NVH

– E-axle: an integrated and flexible drive solution where electric motor, power electronics and transmission are combined in a compact unit

– PUNCH Flybrid Flywheel: High-speed, lightweight flywheel, for motorsport and high-performance applications.

Company profiles

PUNCH Torino

PUNCH Torino is the Core Company that allows the PUNCH Group to lead the engineering of innovative propulsion and control systems, thanks to the unique expertise of developing, producing and integrating proven technologies, systems and processes for turnkey solutions. –


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