PUNCH Softronix, the business unit completely dedicated to controls, electronics and software is born

PUNCH Softronix is born

PUNCH Torino continues in the process of focusing its activities. After the establishment of PUNCH Hydrocells, a company entirely dedicated to hydrogen-based technology, PUNCH Torino will now create a center focused on the electronics, controls and software giving life to the new PUNCH Softronix business unit.

PUNCH Softronix is born from a partial spin-off of the PUNCH Torino business unit and will include all (178) people who are currently part of the Controls department.

For its part, PUNCH Torino, thanks to the expertise gained in the mechanical design of propulsion systems, will enrich its scope of action with the development of innovative integrated solutions for automotive, marine and industrial applications, with hybrid engines, and with e-Drive systems also in support of the newly created Joint Venture Marelli Electric Powertrain. It will also continue to develop urban micro-mobility solutions with the expansion of TO.TEM, which has just launched the award-winning Lynx electric scooter.

Pierpaolo Antonioli states: “We are creating agile and focused companies to respond more effectively to partners and customers. At the same time, we strengthen the PUNCH Group with design and industrial skills that will make it a protagonist in addressing the challenges of the new mobility and the energy transition “.

Alberto Pisoni, today head of the Controls department of PUNCH Torino and Chief Operating Officer of the brand-new PUNCH Softronix concludes: “The decision to set up a company focused on electronics, controls and software stems from the need to enhance the distinctive skills acquired so far in this highly strategic and innovative area. It will also allow it to be even more visible to customers and partners, and to further develop by attracting new talents from local universities, with easier access to funded projects”.