PUNCH Group unveils plan on Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine development

PUNCH Group unveils plan on Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine development

PUNCH Torino and PUNCH Hydrocells will take part to the 61st edition Genoa Boat Show in September 2021. PUNCH Torino already took part in the previous editions of the Boat Show exhibiting Diesel engines adapted to marine usage. While the research and development on Diesel engines is still ongoing, this year PUNCH Group will exhibit the concept of a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine. PUNCH Hydrocells – the newly born company whose mission is devoted to Hydrogen technologies – has started developing with PUNCH Torino a Hydrogen V8 6.6l engine starting from GM DURAMAX V8.

The reason why PUNCH Group believes in Hydrogen technologies applied to marine, and to all the other fields of industry, is the firm belief that our society should embrace the transition to carbon neutrality. The Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine provides a solution for zero-emission carbon footprint and it has weight and recharging time advantages compared to battery powered propulsion.

Pierpaolo Antonioli, CEO of PUNCH Torino has emphasized: “PUNCH Group is fully committed to a zero-emission future. The study of new propulsion systems to be placed on the market, including Hydrogen, plays a major role in our decarbonisation strategy. According to PUNCH Torino and its consolidated experience in automotive engineering, the future of propulsion goes through this energy carrier, which allows the solution of some of the problems existing in the nautical sector. Furthermore, this green fuel allows navigation in protected lagoons and ports, guaranteeing access to any destination, fully respecting the environment, and restoring the symbiosis between the vessel and Nature”.

This year PUNCH Group will be taking part at the Boat Show in collaboration with Castagnola Yacht, an innovative company that specializes in the design and construction of planning custom-made boats. Castagnola Yacht was able to combine innovative and traditional concepts in its production giving life to exclusive wooden boats, and is now developing a new boat, the Heritage Hydro boat powered by PUNCH Hydrocells technologies, including the Hydrogen V8 6.6l engine. The two companies both share the vision to create a sustainable environment, starting from our seas that in recent years suffered from an increase of pollution.

In regards of this newly born collaboration, the CEO of Castagnola Yacht, Gabriele Maestri has stated: “Castagnola Yacht has decided to face the challenge of decarbonization by actively participating in the design and construction of a “Green” model of the Heritage boat. Our WTS production process will be further enriched with a new element to replace carbon. Combined with the hydrogen powered propulsion provided by PUNCH Hydrocells, it will allow us to offer the nautical market a completely ecological boat. PUNCH Group has understood the reliability and strong capabilities that characterize our innovative production, which has been ongoing since 1974 in our shipyard located in Lavagna (GE). We are aware that the path towards a more sustainable mobility is long and highly challenging, but we firmly believe that the dynamic approach of our company combined with our strategic partnerships will allow us to achieve great results.”

On the booth

Landi Renzo will be hosted at the PUNCH Torino booth with its hydrogen storage and distribution kit that will be featured on the concept of the boat. Landi Renzo group, that is actively collaborating with PUNCH Hydrocells, provides hydrogen fueled injection systems for various applications – both in the marine and automotive sector.

The PUNCH Torino stand will also feature LYNX, an electric scooter designed and built in Italy. LYNX is the first of a range of micro-mobility products made by TO.TEM (Torino Technologies & Electric Mobility).