PUNCH Group becomes the DUMAREY Group

Deurle/Strasbourg/Turin/Silverstone, September 28th 2023. The PUNCH Group, family business of Mr Guido DUMAREY is proud to announce a double major event: the celebration of its 40 years of innovation, and a new brand to reflect its evolution from a punched metal business into an independent supplier for the development, integration and manufacturing of competitive solutions in the field of powertrains, working towards its vision of “a future where sustainable mobility will be accessible to all”.

The PUNCH Group started 40 years ago in the punched metal business – and that is where the name originated.  Today the group is much more than this. It creates innovative and technologically advanced systems for mobility and power generation, helping to move the world towards more efficient and sustainable mobility, such as with its proprietary hydrogen technologies.

As a family-owned group, PUNCH has been able to take longer term approaches to delivering its vision than publicly owned companies who need to deliver short-term results. This continues to be one of its key strengths. So it has been decided that to reflect this with a change to our name. Today, the PUNCH Group becomes the DUMAREY Group.  Over the next few months, the group’s companies will all transition to communicating under a single brand: DUMAREY.

The DUMAREY Group is taking this step in the evolution of its brand to:

  • increase the visibility and recognition of the DUMAREY Group, strengthening the Group’s image as a growth company committed to sustainable development and social responsibility
  • demonstrate to our customers, suppliers and business partners that the DUMAREY Group draws from the strengths and skills of all of its business units working together around its common vision of delivering a future where sustainable mobility will be accessible to all
  • unite the support and sense of belonging of its employees.

The implementation of this decision will continue over the coming months with an adaptation of the names of the group companies under a new visual identity. The PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg company, dedicated to the development and production of transmission solutions and automotive components, will be the first in the group to change its name, it will appear under the name DUMAREY Powerglide Strasbourg from October 10th, 2023.

Guido DUMAREY, Founder and President of the DUMAREY Group declared “It is with immense pride that we begin this new stage in our history, marked by our 40th anniversary, united and sharing the same values. Changing the name of our group is a key element in achieving our vision. Together, we will advance our technological expertise in the field of hydrogen and electric propulsion technologies to help achieve our common goal of reducing the planet’s greenhouse gases.”

In a rapidly changing automotive sector and building on the success of these companies, the DUMAREY brand has the desire to continue its growth, to innovate further and to serve its customers with the same passion that has characterized it over the last 40 years.

For more information on the DUMAREY Group, please contact:

DUMAREY Group: Oliver Nass | | +32 494 500 400 |