CDP Venture Capital, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino, announce a strategic partnership for the additive manufacturing market

MadeInAdd is born, a strategic partnership between CDP Venture Capital Sgr, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino

Turin / Monza e Brianza / Rome, September 28, 2022 – CDP Venture Capital, MIMETE and PUNCH Torino, announce a strategic partnership for the additive manufacturing market worth a total of €19.4 million. This marks the birth of MadeInAdd, the new company that will introduce a new digital model for the design and production of 3D printed components aimed at manufacturing companies, with a particular focus on SMEs, for which the transition to manufacturing 4.0 is essential to remain competitive for national and international markets.

A joint initiative features Boost Innovation Fund, CDP Venture Capital’s corporate venture builder that co-founds new startups together with large Italian companies, MIMETE, a manufacturer of metal powders for additive manufacturing market, and PUNCH Torino, a company specialized in the development of innovative propulsion systems and already active in the additive manufacturing sector. MadeInAdd was created to close the gap in Italy, where the adoption of this technology is still limited compared to other countries.

In recent years, additive manufacturing has been increasingly emerging as one of the leading cutting-edge technologies. The differentiating factor is a manufacturing process that adds rather than subtracts. The potential of this technology lies in the innovative opportunities it offers, among the main ones, simultaneous production of customized components, trabecular structures, on-demand and on-site production.

The digitalization of Italian manufacturing companies represents a great opportunity to accelerate the transition of their production processes to additive manufacturing, which has a global market growth potential of more than 100 billion euros by 2030[1].

MadeInAdd will operate through a digital platform to accompany client companies, and in particular SMEs, through the component design path, defining the most suitable features and materials for additive printing and giving the opportunity to complete the process through the purchase of the printing service, all guaranteed by an established supplier selection process.

In this way, companies using traditional manufacturing technologies will be able to maximize the benefits and innovation of additive manufacturing in a guided and accessible way.

MadeInAdd will be headquartered in Turin and will target both the Italian and European market.

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[1] source: Wohlers Associates, 2021