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Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution

PUNCH Hydrocells recognize the industry gained momentum around hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution (PSD).

The proprietary A.I. driven software called Energy Gateway Broker (EGB) targets the following goals:

  1. Develop/demonstrate grid-level H2 assets to incentivize and assist the hydrogen economy across multiple sectors
  2. Integrate, control and diagnose complex systems incorporating Electrolyzer and/or Methane Reformer for H2 production, compressed H2 storage, H2 dispensing for offtakers and stationary fuel cells for combined heat and power (CHP)  – based on Regions and Customer Specific Requirements –
  3. Develop and optimize economic dispatch models based on grid-level controls to address high penetration renewable integration impacts and guarantee the optimal available Energy usage
  4. Promote H2 circular economy and highly vertically integrated business models to spin up prosumer market

In particular:

  • Ensures that the hydrogen is produced at the lowest cost, and then consumed for the greatest possible value
  • Develops business models to provide both electricity, heat and hydrogen, supporting both the grid and the transportation sector
  • Brokers energy inputs and outputs according market and Customer demand

As a matter of fact, the EGB is going to be deployed to manage a micro Hydrogen Valley in Turin to produce Green Hydrogen at competitive cost and to provide Green Hydrogen to PUNCH Hydrocells test benches and vehicles’ fleet.



EGB software act as a smart Artificial Intelligence for Energy Management System (EMS) to establish the optimal:

  1. Energy paths
  2. Component activation and deactivation
  3. Solar array / Wind power forecasting
  4. Duck Curve management and load shifting
  5. H2 Production/Storage/usage strategy based on Customer Requirements
  6. Forecast of HRS (Hydrogen Refuel Station) and logistic implications for refill
  7. Grid interface and Load management & forecasting
  8. Heat recovery management (CHP) Combined Heat and Power
  9. System Diagnosis (supervisor control): Diagnose potential system failure modes via dedicated sensors (H2 leak, water flooding, etc)
  10. Virtual Power Plant management

EGB will provide important benefits for very complex environment such as Seaports. For example, the following value propositions are offered: