Engineering and Product Development | Dumarey Engineering

Engine Hardware

We design and develop engines from concept to serial production like OEMs can do, with a flexible and agile approach. We are responsible for providing Turnkey solutions and ensuring on time results, leveraging our wide cross functional engineering skillset.

Design and Release of Components

Taking advantage of new tools and technologies, Dumarey is focusing on a smarter, faster and more efficient Design & Release Process. One example is multi-CAD capabilities and expertise combined with the introduction of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) that reduces the lead time for prototypes and avoid proto-tooling expenditures.​

Engineering Expertise: ​ ​

  • CAD/CAM engine design​
  • Digital Mock-up​
  • Materials Engineering​
  • Additive Manufacturing​
  • Production Release​
  • Design Guidance, Standard Works and Development Methods​
  • Designers, Specification Analyst engineers, Components’ Design Release Engineers, Design System Engineers

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)


Dumarey CAE capabilities are strategic enablers to reduce hardware dependency and related cost, be faster and more efficient in the development and improve quality. Simulation methodologies are widely applied to optimize structural behaviour, NVH, air flow, combustion, thermal management and aftertreatment.​

Engineering expertise: ​

  • Structural and NVH Analysis​
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)​
  • System Analysis and Virtual Calibration​


Development, Calibration and Validation

Main target is to optimize the engine performance and emission with specific testing activities, leveraging in-house capability, utilizing our testing labs, dynos and roller bench, and finally assess and validate the engine hardware. Pre-Production Operations allow special and fast engine set up, measurement and delivery. It is important to underline that this process is executed with an integrated approach, combining development of the engine Hardware and the related Software.​

Engineering Expertise: ​

  • Engine emission & performance optimization​
  • Specific Capability on Emission Reduction Technologies to meet Global Requirements (Europe, US, China) ​
  • Concept and Hardware selection, development at component and system level​
  • Thermo-Mechanical durability validation and endurance testing​

Experimental NVH

Noise, Vibration & Harshness refinement is a key mission at Dumarey, embracing design thinking mindset since the beginning of project development by applying both computational analysis and experimental testing. The two approaches coexist in one single team to ensure continuous data exchange for model updating and accurate early NVH prediction, leveraging on the internal state-of-the-art Hemi-Anechoic Dyno.​

Engineering Expertise:​

  • Sound Power Level​
  • Experimental Modal Analysis and Vibrational Mapping​
  • Combustion Noise in-vehicle optimization​
  • Sound Quality and Psychoacoustics​

Engineering Quality

Continuous Improvement and Learning: Lead Current Production Quality Improvement, support new products Launch Performance, implement and capture Lesson Learned trough effective application of Quality Tools​.

Engineering Expertise: ​

  • DFMEA: Design Failure Modes and Effect Analysis​
  • DRBFM; Design Review based on Failure Modes​
  • DFSS: Design For Six Sigma​
  • DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve e Control​

Advanced Engineering

Fundamental source of our innovation, we develop New Technologies from R&D to production, and we integrate them into New Products to meet the project targets.​
At same time, using the system-engineering technique, we balance the technical contents with Cost and the product competitiveness.​
Individual excellence, innovation and creativity are present in all areas of Dumarey, and this is reflected by our Intellectual Property generation.​

Engineering Expertise: ​

Emissions, Fuel Economy, Performance, Engine Architectures, Combustion, Air Management, Fuel Injection, Aftertreatment, low friction design and optimized NVH, material light weighting, Boosting and Aerodynamic optimization, Hybridization, Conventional/Alternative fuels and H2-Carriers, Advance Thermal Management for conventional and electrified propulsion systems.​

Cost Engineering, Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence​

Methods for managing the “product value” as result of the ratio between functional performances and costs, and its competitiveness compared to competing products currently on the market and those expected, from the definition of the initial concept to the entire development phase. ​

We follow our customers from the early stages of pre-development with a Design-To-Cost activity, we continuously manage the cost of the product starting from the Bill of Materials and the financial Business Case. We support the component negotiation phase by helping the Purchasing Team in discussions with suppliers by providing robust cost targets / cost gap analysis / cost sharing, and then after the sourcing phase for cost optimization and reduction.​

We also have a long experience in analysing the competitiveness of the product / research and market trends through the analysis of competing products in production and planned, both at the component level and at the engine / vehicle system level, both at the level of technical content in terms of costs.​

Engineering Expertise:

  • Evaluation of the competitiveness of components and products​
  • Design to cost and optimization of the value of prototypes and mass production components / systems​
  • Cost evaluation of engine architectures and technologies to better balance customer needs ​
  • Support for purchase negotiations during the entire product development process​
  • Benchmarking & Cost-Benchmarking of components and systems​
  • Analysis of products and strategies of competitors on a global scale with particular attention to customer benefits​