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Dear valued Partners and Customers,

As the year 2023 comes to a close, we take the chance to emphasize two significant milestones that shaped our journey. This year marked the celebration of our Group's 40th anniversary, symbolizing 40 years of innovation and a proof to our commitment to expanding our horizons. Based on this foundation, we proudly unveiled a new brand, transforming the PUNCH Group into the Dumarey Group.
Over the next few months, all our Companies will transition under the unique brand: DUMAREY. This change marks a new chapter full of innovation, the commitment to sustainable mobility and social responsibility while still being driven by Family principles. We express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support
and look forward to an inspiring year ahead together.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season,
The Dumarey Team

Our Vision

We are driving towards a sustainable mobility for all.

Our Mission

Building our passion & know-how, turning challenges into opportunities
by leveraging proven technologies with innovation.


locations in 5 countries

1 billion €

Close to 1 billion € Annual Revenues


Highly Skilled People



A brief history


Creation of the industrial group
PUNCH International NV in Belgium
by Guido Dumarey


Investment in different companies
in the high-tech and automotive industry (incl. Punch Powertrain – not part of the group anymore)


Focus of the PUNCH Group
on the transportation market


Acquisition of General Motors Strasbourg by PUNCH Motive International, changing the name to PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg


Integration of KERS technology
via acquisition of Flybrid (UK),
PUNCH Flybrid


Acquisition of General Motors Propulsion Engineering Center
in Turin, PUNCH Torino


Creation of PUNCH Hydrocells s.r.l.
in Turin (IT) for the development, supply and integration of
hydrogen-based propulsion
and energy storage systems


Announcement of the acquisition
of Vitesco Technologies Italy with
its injector business being part
of the group as per 01/01/2024


The PUNCH Group rebranded
as the Dumarey Group


Acquisition of ZF Bouthéon by the Dumarey Group, now Dumarey Powerglide Bouthéon


With effect from 1 February 2024, all Italian businesses will undergo a rebranding following the Dumarey Group's new branding strategy