About us

The story of our Engineering center starts in 2005, with a group of 80 employees becoming GM Powertrain Europe, after the divestiture Fiat-GM Powertrain.
Through the hard work of the management and its people, the site has dramatically increased during the last decade, becoming a center of excellence – General Motors Global Propulsion System – with its 700 employees from 12 different nations, and the offices located in the ‘Cittadella Politecnica’ (University Campus).
In February 2020 Torino site has been acquired by the Belgian Dumarey Group (former PUNCH Group), becoming PUNCH Torino, with the mission of leading the engineering of innovative propulsion and control systems to realize turnkey solutions, thanks to its skills in development, production, integration of proven technologies, systems and processes.
Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Efficiency,  Reliable Partnership and the realization of Quality Products through Developing People are the core values of our activity.
We work hard every day to realize the “Trusted Engineering” that our customers – and our people – deserve.